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Careers in Park Maintenance

If you are considering joining the industry, potential employers may look for the following qualifications. Equally if you are considering buying or developing a park, you may wish to consider the training available for your staff. There are a number of courses and qualifications available for anyone whose responsibilities or duties include various aspects of park operations.

Training and learning how to do various tasks has its practical advantages. Employees learn the best means of completing a job correctly, efficiently and cost effectively. However the advantage of technical training is not only the instruction in the best practical application of an operation, but in ensuring that the work is carried out with the utmost consideration of the risk to those members of staff involved in the operation and that of the parks customers. Although the law requires gas training for example before anyone can work with gas, not all operations have this pre-requisite to training. However insurance companies are increasingly taking training into consideration when providing insurance cover and in the event of legal proceedings following an accident the courts will also consider training staff have or have not undertaken.

BTEC Safe Siting Award

The key objective of the training is to ensure that members of the siting team think, plan and are aware of the implications of their actions. This course is aimed at anyone and everyone involved in siting operations. It requires prior siting experience, and the opertunity to be involved with the siting, de-siting and moving of holiday caravans within two months of attending the course.

ISRM Pool Plant Operators

This is a three day course and is the only course recommended by the HSE in their document entitled “Safety in Swimming Pools.” The course will aim to provide staff who work in a swimming pool environment with the skills and knowledge to conduct the correct water tests, run the pool cost efficiently and ensure their and the bathers safety.

NVQ Level 2: Operational Services (Caravan Parks)

This NVQ is aimed at the practical ‘doer’ on the park. It covers a very wide range of tasks, and allows a broad choice of units because every park is different. Training and assessment is park based and therefore is only suitable for people who are currently working or have access to work on a park site.

Health & Safety

This is an interactive one day workshop aimed at all members of staff working at any level from reception to maintenance and is directly applicable to their everyday job. With group participation, delegates will explore the relevant health and safety issues in an informal and positive approach.


This course is essential for anyone working on gas systems and installation (if you are only replacing and connecting LPG cylinders to existing systems then Gas Safe Registration is not required – however always check what is required before carrying out any work).

Park Management

See the Park Management Careers section for a guide to training for park managers, supervisors and wardens.

Non-CITO courses

CITO’s priority not to develop or provide training that is readily accessible outside of the park industry. However we are keen to promote useful training where is already exits. You should consider the following non park specific training that is available.

First Aid

This is easily accessible from various organisations including The Red Cross and the St. John Ambulance.