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Funding available For Scotland

SkillsActive-Caravan Inudstry Training are delighted to announce funding is now available in Scotland for all caravan industry businesses.

What is available

You will be able to access training and examinations for a maximum of 150 employees per business and will not have to pay any of the funding back!  This initiative is provided by the Skills Development for Scotland as part of their Flexible Training Opportunities Programme and because we are part of the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure & Learning, the caravan industry has been included in this project.

What is funded

You may like to consider the following CITO training for which you should be elegible to receive funding:



This funding is not limited to just CITO training, though, as it covers all areas of tourism, but of course, we would be delighted to hear from you if you should choose to use funding for our training courses or examinations.

Further Information or to Apply

It is very easy to apply for the funding; either visit the Skills Development Scotland website or call the Skills Development helpdesk 0800 783 6000 who will guide you through the process. 
You make your application and pay for training or examinations in the usual way. Once you have completed the training/examination you are refunded your secured funding amount directly from the Skills Development Scotland. 
Please note that SkillsActive-Caravan Industry Training can not apply for the funding on your behalf and do not manage, administer or grant the funding - all enquiries and funding applications should be made to Skills Development Scotland.  All bookings on CITO training/examinations should be made in the usual way and all terms and conditions apply. Please be aware that the funding agreement will be strictly between you and Skills Development Scotland.